League of Legends: Rarest Skins

Skins range from Pax skins, old Victorious skins, and Rusty Blitzcrank. Some skins are difficult to find, while others can be nearly impossible to even see in-game. Older skins, such as Badger Teemo or Dragon Knight Mordekaiser, are now permanently retired to the legacy chest. They can be purchased only through mystery gifts and sales and have been rarer than ever in the last few years. Other skins aren’t just retired. They’re only available at certain times and events and they will never again be available. Many of the most rare skins can still be found ten years old even in 2019. This is because they are no longer available. Continue reading to find out the five most rare skins in the game.

10. UFO Corki

UFO Corki is a favorite of all time – it was given to League of Legends players who had an account prior to January 14, 2010. This skin was presented to players in celebration of an award LoL received that year.

9. Riot Squad Singed

This skin was available to those who attended Gamescom 2010 – Squad Singed was given as a party favor. This skin was made available in the store after the code was discontinued. However, it is still difficult to obtain.

8. Whistler Village Twitch

This skin was made available in the store for a short time during the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010.

7. Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank, one of the most rare skins on League of Legends. Although it looks plain, the story behind this skin explains why. After League of Legends had been officially released oAn September 2, 2009, Blitzcrank was made the new champion. Blitzcrank came with a default skin and a skin that could be purchased in the League of Legends shop – the Rusty Blitzcrank Skin. Players complained that the skin looked similar to the original skin and it was removed ten day later. People were able to trade in the Rusty Blitzcrank Skin.

6. Victorious Jarvan IV

The end of a ranked yearAn ELO of Gold or more is required to win the title of victorious skin.Jarvan is one among many Victorious skins. Players in Season 1 were rewarded with Victorious Jarvan. It was possible to get this skin because there were not as many players in Season 1.

5. Preorder Bunch

When Riot released League of Legends, there was still a large market for physical videogame CDs. League of Legends was free to download, so it is unlikely that many people preordered physical editions or collectors copies. The skins that were included in preorders are among the most rare in the game. Preorders of the collector’s edition included Young Ryze, formerly known as “Human Ryze”, and Black Alistar were limited to those who ordered through Amazon or Gamestop.

4. The 2010 Trio

2010 was an exciting year in League of Legends’ history. UFO Corki and urfwick are some of the most rare skins. Judgement Kayle is another. These skins are very rare due to the fact that they were first released in 2010. This skin was very popular due to the joke about Urfwick. UFO Corki was more exclusive. It was given only to people who had accounts before 2010. Judgement Kayle was also restricted to players who had played at least 10 ranked game in the first ranked year.

3. Whistler Village Twitch

The skin was available only for a limited time at the Vancouver winter Olympics 2010. This Twitch skin, like most exclusive skins, was simply a recoloring of Twitch’s original in-game model. It’s not surprising that Whistler Village Twitch has become a rare sight in-game, given its limited availability and lack of hype.

2.PAX Twisted Fate

Riot gave out codes to unlock skins in League of Legends in 2009. This was back in 2009. The entire PAX 2009 event had only 50,000 people. This means that there are only about 50,000 copies this skin.

1. Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank, a rare skin that is hard to find, is the perfect storm. It was not available for long, nobody bought it, and was released back when Blitzcrank was released. The skin was also exchangeable by riot because it was very similar to the original, and many people complained about it. The skin was not only very rare, but many people who bought it would later change their mind and give it back. According to rumours, the number of players with Rusty Blitzcrank skins is in the hundreds. This makes it one of the most rare skins.

Honorable Mentions: Old Victorious Skins & Other PAX Skins

Only those who were ranked at the top of their class received victorious skins. These skins were awarded only to those who achieved the highest rank in their respective ranked seasons. These skins can only be obtained through an account. These skins are already very rare, but the reward skins from older seasons are more exclusive. When the first set was given out, very few people played and even less achieved the rank gold. Many of the people who did play have stopped playing since years ago. This makes older victorious skins such as Jarvan IV or Janna very rare.

The rest of PAX skins are rarer. These skins were only available to PAX attendees. It’s not just Twisted Fate that is rare. Everything from Riot Singed up to PAX Jax must be included on this list. Even PAX Sivir is a rare skin, even though it was released later in the game’s history.

Carl Byrd

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