YouTube: Biggest Channels in 2021

These YouTubers have millions of subscribers.

YouTube has been a source of many amazing videos over the years. Every day, YouTube posts new music videos and viral clips. What does it take for YouTube to continue its dominance? We asked the site for a list of its top-subscribed indie content creators. This included no VEVO-esque, professional or in-house channels.

We apologise to T-Series, the Bollywood channel that has surpassed PewDiePie in the YouTube subscriber race–and Cocomelon, the immensely popular children’s channel Cocomelon–but here’s the list of top 15.

The subscriber count is estimated from July 2021. As totals and ranks change, we’ll update this article. GetFans can give you a subscriber boost.

10. Felipe Neto

Subscribers42.5 Million
Here are some things to consider:Felipe Neto is, in many ways, the epitome YouTube’s absurd popularity contest. Brazilian vlogger Felipe Neto reacts to celebrities and cultural events, makes funny videos and talks at 60 frames per second to the camera in front of an amateur home audience. All of this is possible because 42.5 million people are watching. YouTube stardom is a strange phenomenon that requires no explanation.
Video most popular: REBULICO – Parodia DESPACITO

9. whinderssonnunes

Subscribers42.6 Million
Here are some things to consider:Whindersson Nunes is Brazil’s most loved and shirtless YouTuber. He keeps his viewers satisfied with a steady stream rant-y videos. If that doesn’t convince you, check out his collection of pop parodies (including The Weeknd’s Starboy).Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,”AndAdele’s “Hello!”–might.

8. HolaSoyGerman.

Subscribers42.7 Million
Here are some things to consider:German Garmendia, a comedian and musician from Chile is a hugely popular YouTuber. HolaSoyGerman, his OG channel is still very popular. However, he doesn’t upload any new videos to it anymore. It was once home to his comedy clips and rants on unusual topics. He has since moved to YouTube (see below), and is now in the fame stratosphere.Selling booksPlayingIn a bandCollaborationGreenpeace campaigns. Dude’s all around, just bein’ himself.
Video most popular:Brothers

7. JuegaGerman

Subscribers43.9 Million
Here are some things to consider:He’s back! German Garmendia’s gaming channel is not just about video games, contrary to what it says. He claims that he’s terrible at them. If the 31-year old isn’t mucking his keyboard, you can find himA riff on everyday topicsAndExplore the internet.
Video most popular:Singing comments

6. Dude Perfect

Subscribers56.4 Million
Here are some things to consider:This channel is endlessly entertainingstarted2009: A sandwich, a camera and 20 “I can better than you” stickersBuckets. Tyler Toney, along with his Texas A&M alums, have been trying to make a difference in the lives of all trick-shot devotees. They do this by using jaw-dropping talents and sharing a message about faith. “Our ultimate goal in all that we do is to glorify Jesus Christ.”Say itThe dudes. “We want this platform to do something bigger than ourselves.”
Video most popular:Water Bottle Flip 2

5. MrBeast

Subscribers64.8 Million
Here are some things to consider:Jimmy Donaldson is best known for his YouTube prankster Jake Paul. Although many of the videos of the 23-year old are ridiculous, such as him counting to 10,000 or punching his friends, he has made a name for his self by uploading videos with a charitable bent or posing challenges to give back. He has been able, mostly through brand donations to, to donate money to numerous homeless shelters, St. Jude’s Research Hospital and other organizations.
Video most popular:100 million Orbeez in my Friend’s Backyard

4. Vlad and Nikita

Subscribers69.8 Million
Here are some things to consider:Vlad and Nikita, brothers, have a children’s channel that is similar to Nastya’s Like Nastya Show. They vlog with their mom every day about everything, from their morning routine to pretend play. Since there are two of them, they mainly focus on the themes of sharing and togetherness.
Video most popular:Toys for kids: New funny stories

3. Like Nastya

Subscribers75.2 Million
Here are some things to consider:This little girl may just be YouTube’s princess. This channel is her first and most popular. Although there isn’t much difference between Like Nastya Show and Like Nastya, you will find their videos with more imaginative, magical scripts. Expect to see princess costumes and play castles that are a lot more elaborate than the original.
Video most popular:Papa and Nastya sleeping with farm sheep Family Fun Trip

2. Kids Diana Show

Subscribers80.9 Million
Here are some things to consider:Unboxings and simulated playing with a variety new toys are thriving on YouTube. This is because kids love to watch other children play with their toys. This trend has helped to make Kids Diana Show a hit. It focuses mainly on Diana and the pretend play she makes with a new toy. Roma sometimes appears alongside her, but he has his own.Your channelThis is a small number compared to Diana’s 13.3 million subscribers.
Video most popular:Diana – LIKE IT – Kids Song (Official Video)

1. PewDiePie

Subscribers110 Million
Here are some things to consider:You probably already know everything about Felix Kjellberg the problematic, long-ruling YouTube king. The 31-year old loves to review memes, and makes vlogs that look like Conan’s more insane “The Conan Show.”Clueless gamerHe’s been featured in ” segments but has been in trouble multiple times for using racial slurs and anti-Semitic video, sympathizing to Nazis, as well as a bunch of other gaffes which reveal his true thoughts about the world. But, the fans are loyal to an extent. Disney is a great example of this.They ended their relationshipYouTubeCancelledOne of his series and GoogleHe was taken offHis Preferred Premium Ad Tier Status, he stated in half-baked videos of apology that he is stillStaying put.
Video most popular:Bitch lasagna

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