What You Need to Know About the Raid: Shadow Knights

This week’s patch notes for The Taken King included two new raids: The Dread Thresher and The Tower of Eternity. In thisraid, players will meet the returning faces of Kairi and Nefrey in a new quest called “The Tower of Eternity”. If you’re curious about this raid, then we’ll go over some of what you should know about the raid:

The Tower of Eternity is located in the Tidal Basin in the upper levels of Shadow Isles. There, the guild clan that resides there called the Sunreavers will initiate you into their guild. In order to get there, you’ll have to do a few quests and go through a few mini-games before you reach the guild hall where Nefrey and Kairi await in empyreanrule.com. You’ll fight them there and also have to take down some creatures like the Big Bad Wolf. The goal of this raid is to kill all the opponents and win the battle before the timer runs out.

As far as PvP is concerned, you’ll do some questing and taking down enemy guilds while you are defending the guildhall. When the enemy guild starts to activate, everyone inside the guild will be alerted to defend the guildhall against the incoming forces. The combat takes place on the ground and involves tanking, healing, and CC to bring down the opposition. The Sunreavers have some nice items that can really help in the fight such as the Deathwing Talisman.

Unlike other guilds that require a certain number of players to initiate a fight, this one does not. So, anyone who joins the guild may initiate a fight. If you attack someone within the group, you can easily kill them. During the fight itself, there are three boss encounters. They are the Big Bad Wolf, packs of Cataclysm Brutes, and the Archimonde’s elite.

At the end of the fight, the Big Bad Wolf and his allies escape while the guilds withstood the opposition. However, before they escape, they placed a spell on the whole guild that makes everyone unable to leave the guild clan hall. The only way to remove the spell is by killing the Big Bad Wolf.

This is just one example of what happens during the guild clan hall event. There are many more such as the event where the guilds were required to fight to the death. You can see the point why they have to do this in the guide provided by Hi-Rez Studios.

The fight itself is not really that difficult if you know what you need to know about the raid: shadow knights. There are two types of them, the minor faction that are available to players as loot and the major faction that require players to train and then apply for the rank. The minor faction are easier to kill and do not need any particular strategy to destroy the enemy. However, they are also the ones that take longer to raise to a level and have lower HP than the major faction. Once you get to the last rank you will gain access to the strongest member of your guild that can be called upon to do damage by using the command “Mana Drain”. If this is used too much the entire team and even the healer will die.

If you want to prepare yourself for what you need to know about the raid: shadow knights, you have to join a guild clan hall first. There you will meet other aspiring guilders who will want to join the guild hall. Usually, the smaller guilds will take the help of the bigger guilds to fight against the bosses of the upcoming raid so the guilds will have an advantage over their opponents. Joining a guild clan hall is one thing that you need to do if you want to prepare for what you need to know about the raid: shadow knights. You will learn more about the game, get help from experienced players and have your chance to face some pretty tough opponents in the game that you never thought would try to attack you.

Carl Byrd

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