Traffic Rider Mod: All Bikes and Unlimited Money

1.81 Traffic Rider Mod APK (All bikes unlocked, Unlimited money)

You’ll undoubtedly adore this game if you enjoy racing and motorcycles. You’ll spend hours on the edge of your seat playing the Android game Traffic Rider APK. What makes this different from other games with endless racing? It features stunning graphics, a ton of customization options, realistic gameplay, and a ton of difficult levels for you to complete, to name a few. You’re going to have a ton of fun with nothing but a motorcycle and a highway to navigate.

Interested to learn more? Launch the race! You’ll be greeted by a stylish menu showing your motorcycle once you’ve downloaded the game. Since the menu is self-explanatory, configuring it is not too difficult. You can customize your car, see the various challenges you’ll face, and earn rewards. It has everything you could possibly need. You can change your bikes and personalize them to your tastes using the menu. Unlock all bikes with the Traffic Rider Mod APK and get unlimited money – simply download from!

Adjust It to Your Preference

Traffic Rider’s customization options go beyond the bikes, which is another fantastic feature. You can alter the music, sound effects, graphics, and language in this game, so yes. Over 19 languages are supported globally in the game! To find friendly customizations that meet your needs, simply visit the settings page.

Aside from that, the bikes themselves can be completely customized! Their paint, stickers, and gloves can all be changed. What could you possibly want more from life? Oh, and did we mention there are 29 bikes to choose from in the game? As you amass more money from playing, more will become available. A win-win scenario, yes?

You’ll be able to completely customize the controls as well! There are many ways you can control how your bike is being driven. You have the following options:

  • Tilt
  • Buttons
  • Handlebar
  • Gamepad

Along with choosing between manual and automatic throttle settings, just like in real life, You can also unplug your brakes if you need to for some reason. Additionally, if you’d like, you can decide to control the device’s sensitivity and flip the controls.

Hard-to-Play Game Modes

More than just an endless race is available with Traffic Rider. You can experiment with and enjoy its various modes. There are three game modes: Free Ride, a one- or two-way Time Trial. Last but not least, the main mode is Career, where you have over 70 difficult missions to complete! To earn rewards and unlocked more vehicles, challenge yourself to finish those!

Top Advice for Traffic Riders

Although racing may seem simple, Traffic Rider is unique from other games, so you may need a few tips. Although these won’t necessarily make you the best driver around, they will help you get better at your sport. Here are our top recommendations for Traffic Rider if you want to step up your racing game:

Ride fast – Sure  we are aware that this is a bit of common sense, but bear with us. When you exceed 100 km/h in Traffic Rider, passing (or nearly passing) cars will earn you bonus points or extra time. Additionally, because there is a higher risk of collision when overtaking on a two-way street, you will be rewarded more. That’s not all, though! Wheelies should be wild and dangerous stunts should be performed for greater rewards. Avoid using your brakes as much as possible because the sky is the limit!

Review your stats – Your stats are available to view on your screen after each stage has been completed. You can see how far you’ve gone as well as any overtakes that were made at a close distance or at a high rate of speed. Additionally, you’ll be informed of your overall earnings as well as whether the mission was successfully completed or not. Utilize this information and retry the same stage to see if you have any luck. Try to surpass your previous best!

Try the middle – In Traffic Rider, your ability to react quickly should be just as good as your driving prowess. But what if two cars are in your way simultaneously? What do you do when you have the opportunity to steer left or right? Consider moving in the middle! Yes, it’s extremely risky, but it’s better than crashing into the cars and losing your rewards. Not to mention that you will receive greater rewards for close calls like these. You should therefore get practice maneuvering in the middle to prevent crashes and reap big rewards!

Concentrate on the goals – In this game, you won’t just be racing. Each step up the ladder is harder than the one before it. Additionally, you’ll encounter various goals. As much as you can, try to concentrate on them. They are at the very top of your screen. There are times when you must pass a specific number of vehicles in a specific amount of time. Pay attention to the goals you’ll have because those are the ones you’ll have.

Perform endless mode many times – You’ll encounter much greater difficulty as you advance through the levels. The heat might be too much for your old motorcycle. Therefore, it’s imperative to unlock as many newer and faster bikes as you can. However, you can only do this if you have enough money. So, other than the rewards you receive from Career Mode, how can you earn these? Naturally, by using Endless Mode! There is no time limit on this mode, but as time passes, it can become quite challenging. However, you’ll get to hone your abilities and make some money while playing this mode. Quite lovely, no?

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