9 Different Software Review Sites Where You Can List Your Solution

Software review sites are a great way for potential customers to see your solution.

They provide trust and recognition for your brand, and their ratings/reviews significantly influence purchasing decisions.

It can be difficult to choose the right software review website amongst so many!

We have compiled a list of the top software review websites to simplify your selection process.

No matter what your software, this list has a site https://overeview.io that will work for you. Continue reading to find the right solution for you!

Software Review Websites: Why Are They Important?

Software Review websites play an important role in the buyer’s perceptions of your software and their final purchase decision.

Information software review websites collect and present greater insight into the software. This allows users to engage with the product and provides more balanced information.

Many websites also provide additional resources such as blogs, buyer’s guides, and research papers.

What are the benefits of listing your software on a Software Review website?

A review site listing software is a great way to get feedback and help you make a purchase decision.

Buyers are increasingly turning to software review sites for help in making the right decisions, due to the sheer number of options available (especially B2B)

Software review websites can be viewed as impartial third parties. They are also excellent at highlighting the pros and cons of each option.

Software is not perfect. Although salespeople may promise perfection, they aren’t always accurate or balanced. This is why users trust third parties that can present both the pros as well as the cons.

Listing your software on a review site is a great way to build trust. Sites that provide impartial, authenticated reviews from real users and experts are a great option.

A review site listing software can also help you gain more visibility for your company. Reviews sites rank highly on Google, so listing your software and getting good reviews can be a benefit to you.

What is the Work of Software Review Websites?

Software Review Websites are software reviews that provide a summary of the product’s features to the user.

This site is designed to help users find relevant and useful software options.

Information about product features and information is often very detailed.

Some websites use their own experts to rank and review different software options. Some sites only accept reviews from real users. Others use a combination of both.

These ratings can range from simple star ratings to sophisticated proprietary algorithms that are specific to each review website.

These are the 9 Best Software Review Sites

Each of the software review sites listed here offers a variety of software options with detailed information about the product, pricing, features, and user reviews.

1. P2P Marketing (Free & Paid)

P2P offers free software reviews that focus on peer-to-peer marketing solutions. These include affiliate marketing, loyalty marketing and employee advocacy.

Based on a variety of components, each review receives a score out of five. These components include user satisfaction, experience, pricing, as well as a broad semantic analysis based on all online reviews.

P2P, unlike the other websites in this list, is targeted at marketing managers looking for niche solutions. This can be advantageous for niche software solutions, but it could also be disadvantageous for software that targets other industries.

P2P publishes the best blogs and guides regularly. Your solution will be listed with P2P and featured in a relevant blog article. You will get the additional exposure and trust signal that comes with being a trusted website in your niche.

2. GetApp (Free Basic, Paid Premium)

GetApp is a great choice for software aimed at small and medium businesses, especially Software as a Service (SaaS). It is also a Gartner Digital Markets website, along with Software Advice and Capterra.

GetApp allows users to filter and refine their data based on their business’s size and nature. This allows users to receive recommendations for the best software.

GetApp is a great option for SaaS vendors who offer solutions for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

3. G2 Crowd (Free Basic, Paid Premium Options)

G2 Crowd is the largest and most well-known software review site. The platform is used by more than one million people each month to search for and compare different software options.

Their categories cover everything from simple apps to the most complex software solutions for any number of global and niche markets.

They provide detailed comparisons that give an overview of each option’s performance against the competition. Based on specific review questions, the reviews can be compared to help you decide if apples are better than others.

4. Capterra (Free Basic, Paid Premium Placement, and Pay Per Click)

Capterra is a Gartner Digital Markets site that allows you to list your software for free. You can search and refine your search based on rating, size, deployment options, and key features.

These lists also include the “top 20 ranked programs” in larger categories. The popularity, pricing, and user-friendliness of the top 20 software are factors that determine their ranking.

These guides are a great resource for buyers, as they provide extensive buyer’s information, infographics, and comparisons.

5. Crozdesk (Free + Paid additional features)

Crozdesk has over 290 software categories that can be used in almost all industries and sectors.

This site offers detailed product information as well as side-by-side comparisons. The reviews come from real users and aggregated data from different online sources.

They also use their own “Crozscore” system to rank software according to their relative market position.

The ‘Crozscore” is an indicator that shows where your software ranks in comparison to other competitors. You will also see a buzz score, which is based on the amount of online buzz about your software. This information is useful for vendors.

6. Software Advice (Pay Per Lead)

Software Advice (Gartner Digital Markets), offers a wide range of software categories. You can filter categories by industry, price range, rating, and platform compatibility.

You can also compare the products side-by-side and link to detailed product pages. This site has extensive buyer’s guides, which detail what to watch out for and what to think about when buying.

Software Advice is unique in that they provide buyers with a curated list based on a telephone conversation. Vendors can set up a listing for free, but they pay per lead that is directed to them via this service.

7. AlternativeTo (Free)

AlternativeTo is fully crowdfunded. AlternativeTo offers cheaper or even free alternatives to almost every software that you can think of.

You can search for the name of the program you are looking for an alternative to, and it will give you a list with similar functions and features.

AlternativeTo also offers information about OS compatibility, prices, and support, as well as user reviews. Because this site is community-driven, all suggestions are based on user submissions and feedback.

8. TrustRadius (Free)

TrustRadius provides comparisons based upon ratings, features, pricing, and user reviews by authenticated reviewers. To help customers choose the right software, they offer detailed buyer’s guides.

TrustRadius is distinguished by its focus on impartial and in-depth reviews. To ensure that they are genuine users, TrustRadius authenticates all reviewers via sites such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn lets users see the words of their LinkedIn connections and adds transparency and trust.

9. FinancesOnline (Free)

FinancesOnline is an expanding platform. They are focused on SaaS and B2B software reviews. They verify their reviewers through LinkedIn and ask for detailed reviews. These reviews provide a lot information about the product.

They use software experts to evaluate the software and rate it.

FinanceOnlin, a trusted site for software reviews, ranks high on Google. A listing on FinanceOnlin and positive reviews on their website can significantly increase your software recognition.

Conclusion & Top Picks

There are many great software options, but these are the best 9 software review websites.

These sites are all trusted and well-known. They provide great value to users and in-depth product information. This is a benefit for you as a vendor.

These sites rank highly on Google and receive high traffic volumes. These sites will help you increase your brand’s visibility and recognition, as well as trust with potential customers.

But, you must ensure that you only review websites that are relevant to your niche. When choosing the right review site to list your solution, it is important to think about your niche.

High-traffic sites won’t always mean more sales. Sometimes, smaller sites with a narrower niche can yield better results. Because people who visit niche websites are more likely convert to paying customers, this is why it’s sometimes easier to find smaller sites.

TrustRadius is our #1 Pick

TrustRadius emphasizes honest reviews from verified reviewers. We love this! The increased level of trust your software solution garners from positive reviews on a site like TrustRaduis is incredibly valuable.

Although they aren’t the most popular site, their traffic is highly targeted and they provide great value for both vendors and users. They offer a free listing service!

Our top pick #2: G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is one of the most established and well-known software review sites. They have a wide range of software reviews and rank highly on Google.

You can list with them to increase your brand’s visibility. You can get a basic listing for free, or you can pay for a premium listing.

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