AFK Arena Tier List – Top 10 Heroes

Hello, every person, since most of you are well aware of, AFK Industry has become expanding in reputation since its launch, and there are many different heroes to select from. For this reason, it is essential to know which Heroes are great within the meta, and with any luck, our AFK Arena Tier Checklist for Leading 10 Heroes can help you with choosing which Heroes to use. You can find a lot longer and better list here.

1. Shemira – Ranking 97

Faction:  Graveborn
Course:  Intelligence
Kind:  Mage
Function:  Damage Dealership

Shemira is among the most effective problems sellers in AFK Arena. Her package enables her to wreck foes easily and keep herself wholesome because of her Best – Tortured Souls and her Spirit Siphon skill. Her Silence talent will make quick job of some harmful opponent Heroes, which rounds up her set quite well and areas her on a leading spot of our AFK Industry Tier List.


  • Great AoE Damage because of her Best
  • Amazing self healing
  • Her Silence will help immensely against opponent mages
  • Fits well generally in most groups


  • Heavily reliant on her Greatest to offer problems and heal herself
  • Her Silence targets are random, which can screw you up in particular situations
  • Prone to being burst down
  • Fairly weakened at low levels, but scales amazingly in the late activity

2. Lucius – Ranking 96

Faction:  Lightbearers
Class:  Strength
Kind: Melee
Role:  Support/Container

If you are looking to get a Hero that will protect, buff, and recover allies, as well as having the ability to container and carry out some masses handling, then Lucius is the best choice to suit your needs. He is pretty much the only Hero in AFK Arena that may both reservoir and assistance his crew effectively. This will make him one of the best Heroes in AFK Arena, which is why he’s the essential person in numerous top group setups.


  • Provides incredible protection for the crew via his Heaven’s Security talent that gives his whole crew enormous damage protect
  • Has good recovery abilities with his Divine Blessing ability
  • Has somewhat decent crowd management ability along with his Divine Hit talent


  • His damage is extremely lower, which is his only obvious disadvantage

3. Antandra – Score 95

Faction:  Maulers
School:  Agility
Type:  Melee
Part:  Tank

Anthandra is actually a Tanky Melee Kind hero specialized in diving, group managing, and self-recovery. Her greatest power depends on her ability to mend herself. Unlike various other tanks, she has both sustained and burst therapeutic in their kit. On top of that, she provides the uninterruptible gap nearer as well as the AoE knockdown, that allows her to both plunge into the enemy back collection and stop the opponents from getting to her teammates. Due to this all, she is extremely beneficial in most circumstances, which earned her a higher spot on our listing.


  • Extremely great self recovery
  • Good Group Manage
  • Excellent harm


  • Her main lack of strength are heroes with the ability to negate therapeutic
  • Her allies must strike her marked focus on in order for her healing to be far better

4. Gwyneth – Ranking 94

Faction: Lightbearers
Class:  Strength
Type: Ranged
Role:  Damage Seller

Gwyneth is Ranged sort Harm Seller specialized in working heavy quantities of problems from afar. Because of her Divine Arrow skill, she can completely devastate her enemies. Also, as long as you will find no foes in their instant locality, she benefits huge bonus deals to her precision and crucial, which makes her specifically fatal.

To leading issues away from, her normal assaults can apply burn off effect which also cuts down on the foe health healing, and thanks to her Lightning Arrow, she has a substantial probability of coping damage to multiple foes on every assault, which may also stun enemies and apply the burn off impact. Also, she is extremely strong when paired with Hendrik because his Knockback synergizes amazingly well along with her Divine Arrow ability.


  • Extremely strong ranged problems dealer competent at coping huge AoE damage
  • May also stun opponents and minimize their health recuperation


  • Her performance is severely reduced when you will find enemies near her, particularly opponents that can dive her (like Antandra)
  • Reliant on possessing strong, weighty masses-control focused frontline to be able to fully utilize her possible

5. Tasi – Score 93

Faction:  Wilders
Class:  Intelligence
Sort:  Mage
Function:  Support

Tasi is probably the strongest Support Heroes in AFK Industry. Her set permits her to Mend teammates along with her Fantasy Mindset capability, but that is not her main strong stage. She offers amazing masses to manage capabilities with Slumber and Banishment, making her exceptionally solid assistance Hero. Very few other Heroes provide the very same amount of group manage as she does, which makes her one of the best spots on our AFK Arena Tier Listing.


  • Amazing Crowd Management abilities because of her skills Slumber and Banishment
  • Can perform some reasonable therapeutic with Desire Soul
  • Her Teleportation talent helps make her very hard to destroy


  • Very low energy regen
  • Teleportation can often place her into a very dangerous circumstance
  • She is quite worthless against opponents which can be immune to group control, such as guild bosses

6. Brutus – Score 92

Faction: Maulers
Class: Strength
Part: Damage Seller/Container

Brutus is probably, among the strongest Heroes in AFK Arena. His expertise make him exceptionally hard to eliminate, as well as the reduced his health is, the better harm he deals. This synergizes excellently together with his Last Knowledge skill, which offers him with harm resistance when his wellness drops to absolutely no. In addition to that, his Roar capacity helps make the foes struggling to dodge, which counters Heroes that heavily depend on dodge.

But that’s its not all. His Whirlwind ability can obliterate enemy group while supplying him with masses management resistance and recovery him along the way – literally “spin to win”. This great talent synergy places him at the top of our AFK Industry Tier Listing.


  • Amazing skills synergy.
  • Extremely difficult to kill. Only couple of Heroes can counter-top his Very last Knowledge talent
  • Synergizes well along with other Power/Agility Heroes


  • Quite weak during the early activity
  • Requires lots of expense to really shine
  • Not that excellent against guild employers

7. Nemora – Ranking 91

Faction: Wilders
Course:  Intelligence
Type: Mage
Function:  Support

Alongside Tasi, Nemora is probably the finest Support Heroes in AFK Arena. Nevertheless, unlike Tasi, in whose main strength lies in crowd management, Nemora is mainly dedicated to therapeutic her allies. Most of her abilities are centered on healing her allies, as well as if she overheals them, the portion of that recovery will be converted into defensive protect, making her the most effective healer in AFK Industry clearly.


  • Amazing recovery skills. No other Hero in AFK Arena can contest with her with regards to raw therapeutic possible
  • Even her overhealing is effective, that is one other reason why she is so powerful
  • She has some group manage potential due to her Beguile talent


  • No harm. Unfortunately, the injury she deals is pretty much neglectable, but let’s be realistic, nobody will place her in a team to package harm
  • No burst open-healing. While her general recovery is remarkable, almost all of her therapeutic is sustained, so she doesn’t offer a lot burst potential, which may be problematic sometimes.

8. Athalia – Rating 90

Faction:  Celestials
Class:  Agility
Sort:  Melee
Function:  Damage Dealer

Athalia is melee Hero focused on using down an foe with extremely high burst problems. Her Judgement ability enables you to select the target you desire her to burst open lower, which can be simply amazing. Also, she matters as a member of any Faction, which suggests she could fit into any team structure. The sole reasons why she isn’t rated any higher on our AFK Market Tier Listing is mainly because she is very difficult to acquire and ascend. Be ready to devote tons of diamonds if you want to include her within your group.


  • Great controllable burst harm
  • Decent crowd management features
  • Fits well into any team because of her unique Celestials Faction


  • One in the hardest Heroes to ascend
  • Weak against Heroes with high dodge

9. Satrana – Score 89

Faction:  Maulers
Class:  Intelligence
Sort:  Melee
Part:  Damage Dealership

Satrana is really a Melee Sort hero specialized in coping AoE damage. As opposed to most Intellect heroes, Satrana can be quite tanky while using her Firedance Capacity, which can make her just about impossible to destroy while it’s active. Also, her Fireseeds are extremely beneficial when dealing with heroes that heavily count on recovery (like Shemira, Antandra, or Nemora). Regardless of lacking as substantial problems as various other heroes, Satrana is a very helpful addition to several groups, especially when dealing with some healing-weighty compositions.


  • + Very tough thanks to her Firedance Capacity
  • + Perfect for negating recovery
  • + All her abilities are AoE


  • – Fairly weakened single goal harm
  • – Very squishy and simple to take lower although her Firedance Capability is on cooldown

10. Rosaline – Score 87

Faction: Lightbearers
Class: Intelligence
Type: Mage
Role:  Support

Rosaline is a Mage Kind Assistance hero, specialized in enhancing the combat abilities and helping among her allies. She is quite special in that feeling, because her toolkit allows her to follow along with the highest strike ally. This offers her a big harm decrease, that makes her quite tanky.

She can also replace power for that ally she’s adhering to, which opens some nice combinations. Other than that, she could grant that ally a nice benefit to problems and she could also perform some masses manage. She is best coupled with Shemira or Brutus, which can heavily increase the efficiency of these heroes.


  • + Delivers excellent support for one of her teammates
  • + Difficult to destroy thanks to her Spring Cleaning Capability


  • Her problems are pretty much non-existent
  • She could be bursted lower when her Spring Cleaning Capacity is on cooldown

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