What Secrets The DIY Tool Milwaukee M-18 FUEL D-Handle Is Holding

We are here in order to inform you that our notions and we been utilizing the best jigsaw tool Milwaukee M-18 FUEL D-Handle for a couple of months now. The M-18 FUEL D-Handle Jig-saw is a Gen-2 update in the earlier variant. This watched is brushless, has raised RPM, also an LED light and dust set. Built using a brushless motor, it functions at a greater blade rate than semi automatic jig saws. Only at 3500 strokes per second [RPM] that this saw is capable of cutting as much as 105 foot feet of 3/4″ laminated particleboard, which is the same to approximately 18 sink workouts.

We analyzed this drums sound flat, also quantified its no load rate at 101 Decibels. There’s not any varying rate dial modification with this particular saw, it will possess a variable rate trigger that regulates the saw out of 0 to 3,500 strokes weekly. [RPM] That really is a stroke increase. We enjoy this the cause with this saw is significantly larger and may accommodate two palms that could decrease stress and fatigue on an individual.


Perhaps not using a changeable rate dial is a concern around. Perhaps not using a rate requires the tool to use . This usually means you’ve got to squeeze the rate trigger to the rate you would like looking to earn a cut that is excellent. For precise activities I favor a saw which features a compared to setting which enables you to”forget,” the rate therefore that I could pull on the trigger fully, also give attention to making that precise cut.

We also revealed that the compared to activate wasn’t sensitive enough to find yourself a Super Slow beginning trimming, and began at a quicker speed speed than we’d prefer.

Truth and Blade Deflection

I frequently discover a jigsaw’s caliber could be summed up fairly quickly if you attempt to reduce on a 45-degree bevel onto a bit of 3/4″ plywood. In the event that you’re able to cut at that bevel at a straight line without even fighting with the decoration got a winning combination. This decoration had no difficulty cutting on fine right cuts long spans.

The saw monitors, and cuts in every those substances. We assessed for parallels and square square and left 45 level directly and cuts. We and we did notice a few cutting plywood and a few deflection, respectively on the scrolls that are competitive. Once the saw is at the greatest orbital setting it dissipates through substance readily — there’s not any need for more power with this particular saw.


Each of of jigsaws employ some form of counter balance system to lessen the up and down vibration generated by the reciprocating plunger and blade.
The Milwaukee saw comes with noticeable vibration, and even also a lot significantly much more compared to brand newest Dewalt XR decoration we simply analyzed.

Front with this tool includes a plastic, key less, slip actuated, blade shift which ejects the blade. All blades are used by this decoration. The saw includes a 1-inch stroke span, 4-position orbital action switch to permit the jig-saw versatility when cutting various substances. The key less shoe has favorable detents at 0°, 1-5 °, 30° along with 4 5 ° but may even hold its standing in between those configurations nicely. The Milwaukee M 18 FUEL D-Handle jig-saw has just one incorporated LED which illuminates the workshop well and remains on for 1 1 minutes following the trigger has been released.

Cut-line Blower

An On/Off cut-line mill keeps the cut clear of debris, also allows user to turnoff mill when working with dust extraction. The Milwaukee M 18 FUEL D-Handle jig-saw features a dust cap and dust extraction tubing. The saw will a job that is good in collecting dust from the manner that is non-orbital.


The M-18 FUEL D-Handle jig-saw weighs 6.4 pounds with 5.0 Ah battery and 4.8 pounds. A tool that is . Milwaukee utilizes a whole good deal of parts with the particular saw to maintain down the weight, within a saw. Will be blade release and the lever. Time will tell these products hold-up on the work website. I am a huge fan of Milwaukee software, however that one needs further development. It’s really a absolutely tool with most of of the parts it is available in of exactly everything I would love to watch for a decoration over the side.

The application vibration has to be addressed and paid down and Milwaukee should look at adding a variable rate dial up to the particular saw. The M-18 FUEL D-Handle jig-saw sells on the web as a BARE-TOOL for 199.00 and kitted for $299.00. Both options come shoe shield, with the dust tubing shield. The kit unit includes a charger 5 pane battery and tool instance.

The M-18 FUEL D-Handle jig-saw is a clear improvement on its previous variant, it’s a whole lot of energy, additional LED and dust range. It’s undoubtedly a great tool, however it is maybe not exactly where I would desire to buy, to be my own”go to” saw.

Carl Byrd

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