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Because of their unique concepts and engaging gameplay, games like State of Survival and Rise of Kingdoms have made a name for themselves on the market. When there are several positive things in a game genre, copycats will quickly follow. They will try to add new elements to the mix and publish them to capitalize on their success.

Warpath is a completely different experience than any other mobile strategy game. It has innovative construction mechanics and a unique way to gather resources. If you’re interested in learning more about the title and how it does strategy gameplay differently than others, we recommend our beginner’s guide.

We wanted to share some helpful tips and tricks with you today to help you get the most out of the game.

Continue the Story Chapters

This is true for most mobile games. However, it is important to follow the story missions in Warpath as they will help you build the most important structures in the correct order and get All Warpath giftcodes. Not only will you receive amazing rewards, but you’ll also get units, resources and speed ups.

The most important part of the story is advancing. This will allow you to quickly level up your account and gain access to more buildings, units, and even the highly-coveted additional Barracks slots. Through these slots, you can deploy additional troops on the field and increase firepower.

Although you may be able to ignore some story missions at times, it is best to continue grinding through them as quickly as possible, at least initially.

Always Assign Units To Your Army Slots

Your army in Warpath works very differently to other strategy games in terms of Barracks. Instead of training new troops each time the timer ends, you can build Barracks within your camp. Every Barracks in your camp opens up an army slot, where you can assign a unit to your roster. In the Army screen, you will be able to spend military funds or reserve troops to train your units and deploy them to combat.

The most important step in the process is to assign your units to the Barracks. Without this, you will not be able recruit them or deploy them to field. It’s not worth unlocking Barracks slots if they’re going to be empty.

Important to remember is that your units in Warpath don’t automatically heal themselves unless you find a kit from fallen enemies. You must visit the Army screen to spend troops and funds to boost a unit’s health and replenish their HP.

Always Produce Items In Your Engineering Centers

Building structures in Warpath is like most other games. These resources include crude oil, steel, and military funds. The top panel of the screen shows you how much of each of these resources is available.

Some upgrades and buildings may require special materials that require processing. Materials such as cement, bricks and planks can only be obtained from enemies you defeat. These materials can only be generated through your Engineering Centers. This type of building is available very early in the game.

You can assign workers to these buildings to make materials. Each one takes a different amount time. As you increase your Engineering Center level, you will have more recipes and more production slots that allow you to produce more materials in one queue.

These materials are, at least initially, free to manufacture. However, you will need to manually issue production orders each time they finish. This is why you should be always working in your Engineering Center. Even if the material isn’t needed immediately, there’s a good possibility that you will use it in the future.

Do Your Research As Much as You Can

Your troops are key to winning wars on Warpath. Your soldiers will engage the enemy but it is your technological prowess which will give them the tools to win the battles.

You will be able to access a few tech trees that contain a variety of items. These can help you to improve your base’s efficiency and provide huge benefits. You can increase your reserve troop limit by 100 points. This may seem like a small amount, but it is crucial for replenishing your troops, especially if you engage in combat frequently.

The tech trees can be beneficial for many aspects of your community, such as speeding up construction and product manufacturing, or even allowing your Barracks to train troops faster.

You should be researching, as well as producing materials, all the time.

Keep your Troops Up-to-Date

Although unlocking the most powerful units in the game is a great way to increase your combat effectiveness, it’s possible to get by with just a few regular troops at the start, provided you have enough resources for upgrading them.

You can upgrade your units directly in the units screen, unlike other games, where you have to unlock higher tiers or research certain technologies in order to upgrade your troops. Similar to characters in gacha games but with multiple soldiers and vehicles, you can upgrade your current units by upgrading them in the units screen. This will depend on the level of the Barracks they are assigned to.

You can upgrade your soldiers regardless of their Barracks level by spending Arms Experience on the Units screen. This is gained by defeating enemies or completing challenges. It can be used to increase your units’ maximum HP and firepower and make them more effective in combat.

This is why it’s important to upgrade your units as often as possible before you attempt to take on some of the more difficult enemies on the map.

These are just some of the tips, tricks and strategies that will help you get started in Warpath. To help newbies on their journeys, please share any information you have in the comments section.

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