The best gaming keypad of 2021

Razer is known for making high-quality gaming peripherals. The keyboards and mice from Razer are often ranked high in reviews. They are the most popular gaming peripheral manufacturer in America and they won’t be letting go anytime soon.

Tartarus Pro is their hero’s Best Gaming keypads. We can quickly google what Tartarus stands for:

Tartarus is a Greek mythological word meaning “ta rt@r@s”. Ancient Greek Tartaros, Tartaros is Tartaros. It is the deep abyss used by the Titans and the wicked as a prison and dungeon for torment. According to Plato’s Gorgias (c.400 BC), Tartarus is where souls are judged upon death and where the wicked receive divine punishment. Tartarus, alongside entities like the Earth, Night, and Time is also thought to be a primordial force/deity.

Thank you, Wikipedia! We don’t get it.

There are two options for the Tartarus Pro: black or Mercury White. But, we don’t know if mercury is silver. The white Tartarus Pro is our favorite, although it won’t fit well with most people’s black keyboards and mice.

They are often more expensive than regular black peripherals, as is the case with white peripherals. There are usually good deals on stock colors.

When you add this peripheral to your setup, the Tartarus can store macros of unlimited length. You can store unlimited macros and all your sequences can be stored as profiles so you can easily recall them.

The optical switches can be pressure sensitive, similar to analog joysticks. There is also a thumbpad that allows for better movement.

Razer has a partnership with Philips Hue if your games room supports RGB. The individually lit keys support 16.8 million colors. This should keep you happy for quite some time.

The Tartarus peripheral is an excellent choice. It’s a wonderful example of something you didn’t know you needed until you had it. This peripheral will revolutionize the way you play video games. Unless you use a controller to play, then you will be helpless.

Another great peripheral brand. Logitech, a Swiss company, has been synonymous with excellent PC products for many years. The G13 continues that tradition.

It features 25 programmable keys, an add-on joystick, and 25 programmable keys. The LCD screen at its top is a novel feature that allows you to manage profiles. Anyone who has used one of their gaming series keyboards will recognize it.

It can store five profiles, whereas Razer has unlimited storage. Does that make it a dealbreaker? It is unlikely that this will be a deal-breaker for most people. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to tweak for every occasion, it might be worth considering some other options.

The G13 is more serious-looking. It doesn’t have RGB, but it is very comfortable. Logitech might not be the most popular brand in PC peripherals, but they are experts at designing and producing high-quality items.

Koolertron’s offering is a smaller rectangular block that looks like a reduced version of a QWERTY keyboard.

Although it’s not thrilling, it is business. These keycaps conceal top-quality Cherry MX microswitches. Many will tell you that they are the best in business.

Cherry MX switches are a great choice. They travel in just 2mm and have full anti-ghosting technology so that it feels extremely precise when used.

The left-hand side of a standard keyboard is replaced by the 43 programmable keys. Although it only holds four profiles, it excels at small things like a removable USB cable that can be used to swap out the damaged one.

Although we wouldn’t recommend spending too much on gaming peripherals, this one might be worth considering. It is only about a third the cost of comparable models.

It might even be the perfect introduction to the world of gaming keypads.

The Razer comes with RGB, which is a nice feature. However, the keys can’t be individually addressed like in the Razer. But you can set it to cycle through multiple effects which makes it seem a bit more premium.

Although the switches are mechanical, you can see that they don’t have the quality of a Cherry. They could not be this cheap. Manufacturers spend a lot to buy good switches.

It’s the software that is most likely to be a problem. It is not easy to follow the instructions and may take some time before macros work the way you expect.

It is a bit more comfortable to use the keys during long gaming sessions because they are slightly taller than other models.

It costs around $30 and lights up. You can’t complain about too much.

This Redragon offering is a great choice if you’re looking for something a little more expensive than the Delux.

It can be micro-switched (again, the less expensive kind), RGB and has seven macro keys. This model is more detailed. You can access the USB port through the USB pass-through. This gives you an extra port that doesn’t require any additional wiring.

42 keys can be assigned and a wrist rest. It is also easier to set the macros and lighting than the Delux.

The Redragon is still in the budget category, so don’t expect Razer and Logitech quality. However, it could be that the Redragon can do everything you need.

Carl Byrd

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